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Assessing Industrial Pressure Washers
Each pressure washer user has a different set of requirements. Learn about the quality and functionality of industrial pressure washers to meet your needs.
Pressure Washers for Fleet Maintenance
Dirt, debris, dust, and more can make a construction site difficult and unsafe to work in. Pressure washers can handle this mess effectively & cost-efficiently.
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Graffiti Removal Systems
Having the right pressure washer in your arsenal will simplify the onerous task of removing graffiti. We offer tips and tricks for smart buying.

Grease Removal Machines
Eliminating grease from industrial machinery and commercial environments is one of the toughest jobs any cleaning professional will face.

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Gas Powered Machines
Gas powered machines are ideal for many outdoor and even some indoor applications -- if you connect them to a long hose. Get the details.


Incredible Technologies in Pressure Washing Equipment

Cleaning experts around the world agree that pressure cleaning is one of the fastest, easiest and most powerful techniques of maintaining a range of surfaces. To cater to the growing demand of pressure washers, reputed suppliers continually launch newer and improved versions empowered with unique cleaning technologies. The innovative functions in these commercial pressure washers boost the cleaning efficiencies and help extend the life of the machines as well. Here is a closer look at some interesting aspects of new-generation industrial pressure washers.

Super-Hot Steam Temperatures

To ensure the ejection of super-heated steam, the best pressure washing machines feature robust construction, high-grade components, and powerful heating systems. Steam that attains temperatures as high as 330°F enables the pressure washer to remove dirt buildup and dissolve grease deposits from a range of surfaces.

The hot steam ejected by pressure washing equipment also helps disinfect and deodorize the surfaces. Generally, sanitizing a surface involves the use of chemical sanitizers containing harsh components. In addition to triggering allergic reactions in users, these chemicals can also harm the environment. However, steam is a powerful yet absolutely green cleaning force that helps reduce the concentration of germs on different surfaces.

Self-Cleaning Boilers

With regular use, the coils in an industrial pressure washer can quickly accumulate scaly deposits and cease functioning, especially when hard water is used. To prevent such issues, more frequent descaling is suggested for pressure washing machines through which hard water is flowing, just to help prolong the life of the coils.

Wet Sandblasting Systems

When it comes to extremely tough applications, such as phosphatizing metals, you need more than just any pressure washer. Powerful industrial pressure washers equipped with wet sandblaster systems will be ideal for such challenging tasks. According to cleaning experts, wet sandblasting function available in pressure washer machines is safer than the compressed air sandblasting technique. In fact, users are not required to wear protective clothing while using the wet sandblaster system in pressure washers.

The best brands in the industry now offer a range of commercial pressure washers featuring wet sandblasting functions. During the wet sandblasting process, sand is mixed with pressurized water and ejected across surfaces, to effectively remove paint, rust, and other deposits from metal surfaces. Instead of sand grit of various sizes, the pressure washing equipment also allows you to use other medium, such as small plastic pellets and baking soda. The wet sandblaster system in commercial pressure washer equipment is also ideal for spot cleaning of small areas.

Auto Shut Down Function

Letting an industrial pressure washer run even while you are taking a break can soon result in overheating and subsequent wearing down of components. However, pressure washing equipment with auto shut off function automatically shuts down the motor and pump, if the trigger gun is not activated for over 30 seconds. Simply pulling the trigger restarts the machine. The technology helps extend the lifespan of the machines.

These unique technologies highly enhance the durability, reliability, and efficiency of a pressure washing machine. Always turn to reputed suppliers, to ensure your technologically advanced pressure washing equipment comes equipped with these technologies.

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